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Yoga Andorra

Yoga Andorra

Andorra is the sunniest mountain area in Europe: with an average of 250 sunny days a year. Tucked away in the eastern Pyrenees, the tiny principality of Andorra, a country with narrow valleys and mountainous landscapes.

Yoga retreats in Andorra largely combine the great outdoors with yoga in summer treks or winter ski. Watch wild horses roam freely in the mountains and conquer exciting roads in search of adventure. Or try a night walk in snowshoes up the slopes of Pal under a full moon with snowy landscapes illuminated in the moonlit glow....

Yoga Algeria

Yoga Algeria

Algeria, Africa’s biggest country, and the world's 10th largest, is only a short hop from Europe. With the Saharan desert covering more than four-fifths of the land, there are some truly legendary desert landscapes from the sand seas that surround Timimoun to the vast sand dunes south of Tamanrasset.

The capital, Algiers, is a nostalgic blend of colonial and modernist architecture. Across the north are stunning coastline vistas with lush vegetated rural landscapes and well preserved remains of Roman cities.

A largely Muslim country, yoga practice has only a marginal following with the largest festival, the Yoga Therapy...

Yoga Albania

Yoga in Albania

When you first think of Albania, you may ask yourself “Isn’t it dangerous?” and “Is that even in Europe?” Speak to those who have been, and the you’ll hear of rippling mountains, Ottoman architecture, pristine beaches and endlessly hospitable locals set within a Mediterranean climate with virtually no tourists.

Following decades of isolationist rule, this rugged land still doesn’t seem to fit into the grand continental jigsaw. With its distinctly exotic feeling, unique cuisine and customs, you should pay a visit to this beguiling corner of Europe now, before it garners the popularity it deserves.


Yoga Afghanistan

Yoga Afghanistan

A war-torn country where 90% of people struggle with some form of untreated PTSD from the war, including depression and anxiety, according to French humanitarian Amandine Roche, founder of the Amanuddin Foundation, which brings yoga and meditation to the people of Afghanistan.

Yoga and mindfulness offer tools for people to use as they work through their suffering. In spite of the poverty, intense inequality, and the aftermath of war.

In 2016, the first yoga centre, established and managed by a group of Afghan women, opened in Kabul...

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