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Artisan Yoga Plyopic and Chikaboo Designs
We teamed up with quirky comic artist Natasha Natarajan of to poke a bit of fun at the growing trend for "Artisan" everything in 2017. Enjoy!

4 Soothing Ways to Melt Away Christmas Holiday Stress

4 Soothing Ways to Melt Away Christmas Holiday Stress

Holiday season is just around the corner, bringing that “Christmassy” feeling and many cherishing moments with family, friends, and loved ones. Smell the cinnamon and orange, listen for sleigh bells in the snow and get stabbed in the toes by a million pine needles! It’s going to be a lot of fun!

In a couple of weeks we'll have forgotten about all those hours at the shops zig-zagging around pavements, deciding who’s to be your third person in your 3 for 2s and the declarations of being completely in control, only to forget the cranberry sauce twice!

Harry Potter and the Themed Yoga Class

Harry Potter and the Themed Yoga Class

We have entered a new era of the Yoga class. With growing popularity comes an ever expanding diversity in the types of classes offered. No longer is the paradoxical ‘Express Yoga’ the new tactic of studios to get the business suit whipped off and into lycra. We have some new challengers in our midst. The dawn of the themed yoga class is upon us.

And leading the way, in it’s usual ‘move over, here comes the future’ attitude, is technology in the form of virtual reality. Yes, VR is being wheeled back out, like Sir Cliff at Christmas, for...

The Rapid Rise of Yoga (2016 Survey)

USA Yoga Statistics 2016

Yoga is gaining popularity. Fast!

Whether it's a rolled up mat slung under the arm of a business suit, yoga pants paired with the weekend's best attire or contorting poses on your social media feed, it's hard to ignore the explosion of this multi billion dollar market.

Here we detail the key takeaways from a 2016 Yoga in America Study conducted by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance. This augmented study focused on the growing practice of yoga in America, from the...

A Yoga Sequence to Instantly Release Negative Emotions

10 Yoga Poses to Release Sadness and Negative EmotionsOne of the biggest problems in our society today is unexpressed Negative Emotions. We are so afraid to feel sad that we cover it up. Soon, we start to believe the masks that we put on, and our true self gets buried deeper and deeper. 

The body can’t be so easily suppressed. The body provides a true reflection of the subconscious mind and a path to access these emotional issues. In order to understand our underlying emotions we must listen to...