Plyopic-Travel Yoga Mat / Towel Persia-Yoga Mat
Plyopic-Travel Yoga Mat / Towel Persia-Yoga Mat With Sling

Travel Yoga Mat / Towel Persia

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Use your mat on your hotel room floor, as a hygienic topper on a padded studio mat or as a non-slip yoga towel and say goodbye to distracting towel bunching forever!

No matter where you are, keep your yoga practice daily. Stay at your peak physically and mentally, soothe pains and feel free to stretch, breathe and move in the comfort and space of your own mat.

The top surface is comprised of a unique soft grip coating which maintains traction as you sweat. The non-slip rubber base firmly grips the floor and will not curl or move during practice.

Built to last with environmentally conscious, SGS certified materials. Choose a mat that’s soft against your skin and better for your health.

Easily roll up and attach to your backpack, fold into your suitcase or day pack, or sling over your shoulder using the carry strap provided.

Persia Yoga Mat

10 Reasons you are going to LOVE your Plyopic Travel Mat:

1. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: On the road or in the studio, use your mat as a non-slip yoga towel, reversible surface travel mat or hygienic topper in that new yoga studio you want to try.

2. PORTABLE: Simply fold or roll it into your suitcase or bag, sling it over your shoulder or attach it to your bag using the strap provided.

3. LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing just 2.3lb (1kg), make your mat at home in your day pack.

4. DURABLE: Highly durable rubber. Print will not fade and mat will not deform when washed.

5. COMFORT: Absorbent microfiber surface is designed to grip as you sweat. Feel free from distracting towel movements and bunching.

6. TRACTION: Natural rubber base firmly grips the floor. The mat won't curl or move during practice.

7. TEXTURE: Soft microfiber provides a warm and comfortable finish against the skin.

8. NATURAL: Recyclable natural tree rubber and microfiber. Zero synthetic odor.

9. ECO-FRIENDLY: Free from silicone, toxic glue, PVC, chlorine and phthalates. Water based inks.

10. ASSISTIVE: Stay centered and symmetrical in your practice using the center line markings.

A perfect gift for any Yogi, Pilates Practitioner or Fitness Enthusiast.

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Plyopic Travel Mat

Accessories Included

Cotton carrying / yoga strap


Product Dimensions

1780 x 610 x 1.5mm | 70 x 24 x 0.06 inches


Product Weight

1kg | 2.3lb 



Plyopic-Travel Yoga Mat / Towel Persia-Yoga Mat With Sling