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“Plyopic was founded to simplify and inspire your practice. 
Because a little inspiration can turn a maybe tomorrow into a way of life.”


Jack A
Founder + Design Obsessed Yogi


Our Mission

Our Mission

Why Plyopic?

Plyopic was conceived with the aim of bringing creativity and style to high performance and bio-conscious yoga mats.

Having attended one too many yoga classes full of unoriginal, mass-produced foam mats that simply couldn’t handle sweat or rigorous practice, we were determined to design a mat that would inspire practice through its beauty, and tick all boxes in terms of functionality, sustainability and sensation.

From the luxurious soft grip microsuede texture on your bare feet to the unique designs on your mat surface, we want you to feel at home when expressing yourself on your yoga mat.

Plyopic yoga mats are comprised of biodegradable and recyclable natural tree rubber and EcoPure microsuede, coloured with water-based inks, and are free from nasties: silicone, toxic glue, PVC, chlorine, and phthalates.

Not only are they eco-friendly, we also love to give back to the environment. That’s why for every mat you buy we will plant a tree in the "lungs of the earth", the Amazon Rainforest. We can all make a difference with the products we buy.

With a Plyopic yoga mat, you will feel exceptional support from the dense durable rubber that stays firm, grips the floor and won’t curl during practice. Use on either side: printed surface for barefoot practice, rubber surface for footwear. The fused top surface is a revolutionary moisture wicking fabric, designed for optimal performance during both dry and sweaty practice. No longer do you need a separate yoga towel!

Do you ever feel a finger creep off the mat or like you’re going to kick someone in the face in class one day? We know the feeling. That’s why Plyopic AIO mats are longer and wider than regular yoga mats. Feel the freedom to comfortably execute any pose, and stay centred and symmetrical using the centre line markings.

If you’re a traveller or have an existing yoga mat you want to add a high performance yoga towel to, we have developed a mat just for you. The Plyopic Travel Mat is ultra-light, foldable and multifunctional. Weighing less than 2 pounds, it can be rolled and slung over the shoulder, folded into any suitcase or backpack and can be used as both a mat to practice on any surface or as a towel on top of an existing mat. We’re sure you’ll find many other uses for your new favourite travelling companion, from SUP yoga to beach towel…

We are so confident you will love Plyopic yoga mats that we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. Click below to explore the collection now.

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My Story

Jack M AustenI began my yoga journey in my aunt’s studio in the small fishing town of Merimbula, Australia. Having experienced high stress and burn out in a corporate career, I decided to take a sabbatical to reflect and recharge. It was during this time that I discovered a yoga lifestyle whilst travelling the world. For the first time in years, I felt my mind and body working in harmony. It was a relief that all the layers could be peeled back.

On a sunny morning on the banks of Lake Wakatipu, I decided to cut my trip short and returned to the UK in the midst of a winter chill. Needing to test my resilience and align with my true self, I decided to set up Plyopic to utilise my Engineering design skills and to connect with and help others find health and fulfilment.

Determined to provide only the best distilled advice to the community, I have just completed a year of self experimentation in the health, diet and lifestyle sectors. Whether your aim is physical transformation, increased vitality and happiness, stress reduction and mental clarity or self discovery, I am passionate about helping you achieve your goals. Change your health, change your world.

For me, it all started with the yoga mat. For me, it is home. And a home should be a place of self expression and comfort, with everything you need to live your practice.

I hope you find a mat to make your home.


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