Yoga Afghanistan

Yoga Afghanistan

A war-torn country where 90% of people struggle with some form of untreated PTSD from the war, including depression and anxiety, according to French humanitarian Amandine Roche, founder of the Amanuddin Foundation, which brings yoga and meditation to the people of Afghanistan.

Yoga and mindfulness offer tools for people to use as they work through their suffering. In spite of the poverty, intense inequality, and the aftermath of war.

In 2016, the first yoga centre, established and managed by a group of Afghan women, opened in Kabul city. Afghan women are joining this centre to find relief from Kabul’s stressful life.

“Our environment is not peaceful. Afghan women are under a lot of stress and pressure. We can use yoga to relax our brain and comfort ourselves,” said Rukhsar Habibzai, one of the members of the yoga club.

Image credit: AP_Images & Massoud Hossaini 
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