Harry Potter and the Themed Yoga Class

We have entered a new era of the Yoga class. With growing popularity comes an ever expanding diversity in the types of classes offered. No longer is the paradoxical ‘Express Yoga’ the new tactic of studios to get the business suit whipped off and into lycra. We have some new challengers in our midst. The dawn of the themed yoga class is upon us.

And leading the way, in it’s usual ‘move over, here comes the future’ attitude, is technology in the form of virtual reality. Yes, VR is being wheeled back out, like Sir Cliff at Christmas, for another spell in the limelight.

Employees at Google have recently been demonstrating the benefits of throwing on a pair of the static ski goggles and being immersed in a 360° view of snowy Minnesota or Miami Beach. Or if they prefer, dropped into the middle of a pre-recorded yoga class with instructions reverberating in their ear pieces. It all sounds terribly relaxing.

Hitherto, there is a challenger that is apt of more merit, and it’s not (to be) Shakespeare yoga. One themed yoga class is causing a groundswell with muggles in the deep south. So maybe it’ll soon be time to pack a wand with your mat because Harry Potter yoga is getting a huge following.

In October, Muggles in Austin, Texas were given the opportunity to show off their wands and cast some spells upon their fellow yogis. The idea for the class was first spawned by sisters Ximena Larkin and Isabel Beltran and hosted as one of their Pints & Poses themed classes in the Circle Brewing Co. brewery co-founded by Isabel’s boyfriend. “I was reflecting on Harry Potter because Halloween night is the night his parents died and I thought it would be interesting to do something around Harry Potter" Larkin told The Huffington Post.

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Wands and broomsticks were used to demonstrate several poses like Slytherin Cobra Poses, Downward Fluffy, Reverse Wizards, and our personal favourite: the McGonagall Cat Pose. Invisibility cloaks were worn and passages were read from the books to cast participants into a mythical world of creatures and spells. From sitting on the Hogwarts Express to being part of Dumbledore’s army, the experience was truly immersive and magical for all involved.

I’ll leave you to imagine what Harry Potter themed refreshments were served during intervals.

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But don’t fret, the class, called Deathly Hallows Yoga, was such a success that Larkin and Beltran are planning a follow-up class ‘Magical Creatures Yoga’ soon. We can only hope that other yoga studios take notice and these classes catch on in more places around the world.

Would you like to take a Harry Potter-themed yoga class? What movie or book would you like to see incorporated into a yoga class next? Tell us in the comments!

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