Yoga Algeria

Yoga Algeria

Algeria, Africa’s biggest country, and the world's 10th largest, is only a short hop from Europe. With the Saharan desert covering more than four-fifths of the land, there are some truly legendary desert landscapes from the sand seas that surround Timimoun to the vast sand dunes south of Tamanrasset.

The capital, Algiers, is a nostalgic blend of colonial and modernist architecture. Across the north are stunning coastline vistas with lush vegetated rural landscapes and well preserved remains of Roman cities.

A largely Muslim country, yoga practice has only a marginal following with the largest festival, the Yoga Therapy Conference (IYC), taking place in Algiers during the famous hindu festival of Kumbh Mela. See photograph.

The festival is largely attended by Researchers, Analysts, Yoga Acharyas and Yogis, with a minority of local people. It offers exchange of the ancient to latest findings and teachings of Yoga and its streams as well as various unique features including a Yoga Museum & Gallery, Yoga Dances, Yoga Singing and Yoga drawing.

Image credit: Paramanand Yoga

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  • Hello, we would like to send you information about the international Yoga Festival, which is held every year in India. We’d love for you to accompany us in this 29th festival. Please give us an email where we can send you the information about this great event.
    • Maria Noguera