Plyopic Ultra Grip Yoga Mat Pink Yoga Mat
Plyopic Ultra Grip Yoga Mat Pink Yoga Mat

Ultra Grip Yoga Mat Pink

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Delivers optimum grip in all conditions. Feel strong and confident in poses like never before

Designed for Yoga and Pilates: Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Kundalini, Power, Bikram and Hot Yoga

Made from the highest quality bio conscious materials, free from PVC and other nasties

Improve your balance and stability in any pose with a dense non-slip rubber base that firmly grips the floor and delivers cushioned joint support

At 72” long, 26” wide and 0.16” thick, the mat gives you the extra space in class to comfortably execute any pose

What Makes our Mats Unique?

Plyopic Ultra Grip Yoga Mat Comparison Chart


The most important function of a yoga mat is to make you feel steady and comfortable in your postures.

A key element of achieving this is in providing exceptional grip so you no longer have to be scared of slipping during practice, which can not only be ineffective but also dangerous.

We believe our revolutionary Ultra-Grip material is the grippiest yoga mat material on the planet. It even stays grippy when 'sweaty wet'.

Try it for yourself today and feel strong and confident in your poses and smooth in your transitions like never before!


Kneeling postures really can be a pain in the bones if you’ve got a soft foam yoga mat, and thickness can often be deceiving when it comes to comfort.

We think it’s about time you added a bit more protection for your bony bits. That’s why our mats are constructed from a strong natural rubber base with a cushioned felt layer between that and the top layer of the mat. This creates a deeply cushioned yet stable practising surface which will keep your feet grounded and your joints happy.

Try out a Plyopic Yoga Mat today and help take your practice to the next level!


Forget the distracting and gimmicky lines on many modern yoga mats; a central alignment line is all you really need to aid body alignment in your practice.

We’ve consulted with leading yoga teachers who for many years have instructed their students to improve their alignment by placing yoga belts along the centreline of their mats, and advise nothing else.

The central alignment line on an Ultra-Grip mat is laser etched into the surface of the mat and provides a modern sleek upgrade to the guidance offered by the age-old yoga belt.


Plyopic Ultra Grip Yoga Mat - Alignment and Stability

How our Mats Compare

Plyopic Ultra Grip Yoga Mat Comparison Chart

Bio Conscious & Built To Last

Invest in your practice and be kind to your health and the environment with a mat built to last from SGS approved natural and biodegradable materials. Free from PVC, toxic glues, phthalates and other nasties found in cheap yoga mats which may damage your health and take 1000s of years to decompose. 

A Perfect Gift

The perfect gift for any Yoga, Pilates or Fitness Enthusiast. Give the gift of wellbeing with a luxurious limited edition mat that is different from anything they've tried before. Gift wrap options available from Amazon upon check out.

Accessories Included

Cotton carrying / yoga strap

Plyopic Ultra Grip Yoga Mat Pink with Strap

Product Dimensions

1830 x 660 x 4mm | 72 x 26 x 0.16in

Product Weight

2.6kg | 5.7lb 



Plyopic Ultra Grip Yoga Mat Pink Yoga Mat
Plyopic Ultra Grip Yoga Mat Pink Yoga Mat
Plyopic Ultra Grip Yoga Mat Pink Yoga Mat