Plyopic-Resistance Band (For Lower Legs)-Hip Resistance Bands Digital User Guide and Resistance Band Worn on Woman Doing Hip Raisers
Plyopic-Resistance Band (For Lower Legs)-Resistance Band Worn on Man In Plank Position Lifting Leg

Mini Hip Band (Light Resistance)

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🏋️ TRANSFORM YOUR WORKOUT – Warm up your hips and legs with Plyopic bands to go harder and stronger than ever before. Whether in the gym, out on track or on the court, Plyopic bands provide the extra resistance required to develop your lower body mobility and strength faster, free from injuries

💪 TONE & BURN FASTER – Sculpt your legs and firm your glutes the easy way using a Plyopic band with a huge range of exercises: Squats & Deadlifts, Banded Walks, Thrusts, Lunges, Bridges, Kick Backs…and many more! FREE Exercise Guide included

📏 EASY SIZING – Take the guesswork out of selecting your perfect band size. Plyopic bands are tailored based on your actual measurements and are extensively tested to provide the optimum resistance level. Discover the right band for you now with our simple sizing charts below

😊 UNRIVALLED QUALITY AND COMFORT – Plyopic bands are made with extra thick fabric and wide inner grip strips, which are soft and comfortable against your skin and eliminate band movement and rubbing during workouts

❤️ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Workout with your brand new Plyopic Hip Band for 2 Months, and if you are not 100% in LOVE with it send it back for a full refund! You’ve nothing to lose. To take your workout to the next level, click on “Buy Now” right now!

Plyopic Resistance Band

Plyopic Resistance Band

Leg Kicks & Lifts

Standing Glute Kickbacks
Lateral Side Kicks
Standing Reverse Taps
Standing Side Taps
Standing Adductor Lift

Squat to Lateral Leg Lifts

Band Walks
Lateral Band Walks


Banded Clam Shells
Banded Lower & Lifts
Banded Toe Taps
Hip Bridge Pulses
Hip Bridges with Alternating Leg Extensions
Plank Jumps with Banded Ankles
Plank Banded Booty Lifts
Fire Hydrants
Frog Pumps


Plyopic Resistance Band

Plyopic Resistance Bands

Free E-Book Exercise Guide

All of our band sets come complete with a free e-book exercise guide, which contains video segments showing the many different exercises, including:

  • Hip Thrusts
  • Hip Band Squats
  • Walking Side Step
  • Hip Band Leg Press
  • Walking Forward Step
  • Hip Abduction & Adduction
  • Hip Band Kick Backs...and many more!

The Perfect Gift

Give the gift of wellbeing with a premium Plyopic Hip Band Set for both Men and Women and join thousands of happy customers who love the difference Plyopic products have made to their workout

 Plyopic Hip Band for Women

    Plyopic-Resistance Band (For Lower Legs)-Resistance Band Worn on Man In Plank Position Lifting Leg
    Plyopic-Resistance Band (For Lower Legs)-Resistance Band and Digital User Guide