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Plyopic Massage Ball Set

2. Chest

2.1 Pectorals

Chest Pecs Pectoralis Major Massage Balls

Pectorals Anatomy


Pectoral Chest Massage Balls

Pectoral Massage


Anatomy and Function:

  • The pectoralis major originates on the sternum, clavicle, and costal cartilage and inserts on the humerus.
  • The pectoralis major is responsible for horizontal adduction and internal rotation. The clavicular fibers flex the extended shoulder, while the sternal fibers extend the flexed shoulder.

Reasons to Treat:

  • The pectoralis major is typically short and stiff due to overtraining (too much chest training) and chronic poor posture. This lack of extensibility can lead to overuse injuries and/or poor mechanics in many lifts, even those not targeting the chest (e.g. squatting, Olympic lifts).

Massage Balls to Use:

Plyopic Smooth Massage BallPlyopic Trigger Point Massage Ball


  • Stand next to a wall and place a massage ball on the wall at chest height.
  • Push your pecs into the ball to hold it in place


  • With the massage ball pinned between your pecs and the wall, roll it back and forth. It may help to work in small sections as the massage balls don’t have a large circumference.
  • Roll for 30-60 seconds, and then switch sides.
  • To increase the intensity, horizontally abduct and externally rotate the arm to place the pectoralis major on stretch.
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