A Yoga Sequence to Instantly Release Negative Emotions

10 Yoga Poses to Release Sadness and Negative EmotionsOne of the biggest problems in our society today is unexpressed Negative Emotions. We are so afraid to feel sad that we cover it up. Soon, we start to believe the masks that we put on, and our true self gets buried deeper and deeper. 

The body can’t be so easily suppressed. The body provides a true reflection of the subconscious mind and a path to access these emotional issues. In order to understand our underlying emotions we must listen to the body.

Yoga practice fosters that intimacy and ability to listen to the body. It becomes increasingly difficult to ignore or cover up emotions. How many times have you rested in Savasana and cried for seemingly no reason? Maybe it’s relief from a lifetime of feeling the need to shut down.

We’re all vulnerable. We’ve all built up barriers in our past to try and protect ourselves but these barriers no longer serve us. We must take off our masks and be superconductors of energy and emotion, allowing ourselves to feel but not resist the feelings. It is the resistance that causes the pain. Let Yoga be your guide to finding your inner pilot light. Namaste.

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