Yoga Cyprus

Yoga Cyprus

With its beautiful subtropical Mediterranean climate, Cyprus is a wonderful island to experience and enjoy yoga alfresco all year round. Of course, sunrise and sunset sessions may be more favourable in the hot summer months but we think yoga at those times of day is even more magical. Imagine standing in tadasana with the warm sun on your back and soothing breeze in your face overlooking sun-kissed orchards, the beautiful Mediterranean Sea or an expansive mountainous landscape. Or simply sitting in sukhasana and smelling the heat of the day dissipate as the cricket-song begins at twilight.

We know yoga naturally energises, awakens or calms the soul, but yoga in a location like this provides even more nourishment and takes yoga’s wonderful benefits to another level.

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean and with an abundance of beautiful places to practice, we can see why.

In Nicosia and Limassol, a Mind, Body and Spirit Wellbeing Festival is held twice a year, promoting consciousness, environmental awareness and a healthy way of living. The festival is extremely popular and seemingly growing each time.

Yoga classes are offered all around the island but the place we love the most is MindBody Maroni, run by Melanie Smith in the gorgeous Cypriot village of Maroni, Southern Cyprus. She offers various types of yoga including hatha vinyasa, hatha and freestyle fitness yoga on her large terrace with stunning views down to orchards and the sea beyond. She also holds classes in Limassol if you happen to be in that neck of the woods.

If you fancy something a little more unique, how about taking your yoga out to sea and giving sea yoga a try? Requesting you swap your yoga mat for a stand up paddleboard (SUP) and providing a crazy good core and balance work out, sea yoga promotes itself as the ultimate in outdoor yoga. Classes typically last an hour and are offered by a number of wind and kitesurfing companies on the island including Windsurfcity Cyprus on McKenzie beach and KiteMed at Kiti/Softades beach.

Amidst a fractured identity, Cyprus is a mesmerising island boasting some beautiful spots and a laid-back vibe - quite apt for a little yin yoga we think. Plop your yoga mat on a little patch of sand on its turquoise shores, locate yourself a roof terrace or a tile or two poolside and flow.

What are you waiting for?

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